Doctoral student in History, University of California, Irvine

Doctoral student in History, University of California, Irvine

Area of interest: History of Science and Medicine, 18th-19th century Europe and the Middle East, with a particular interest in laboratories.

What’s new–Wed. Sept. 23, 2009:  I am very excited about the article naming me “Student of the Week” in this morning’s Orange County Register! Page 2 of the Local section–I just have to add it in:


Classes start tomorrow!

Best to everyone,



I’m beginning my second year as a doctoral student with a sense of cautious excitement. In January 2008 I left a hospital career in laboratory medicine to complete my Master’s Degree and become a full-time student in a doctoral program. Now, with 9 classes completed, I’m about to embark on year two, very possibly my last year of full-time classes ever. Already people ask me if I’m almost done! But no, there remain language exams, orals, research and the all-important dissertation. The journey has just begun.

Fall 2009 classes: Early Modern Europe, World War I, Ancient and Islamic Near East.

Classes completed: Modern Europe, History Theory, Modern China, Cartography, research project.

Most recent research project: The discovery of West Nile Virus in Uganda 1937-40; an examination of the convergence of empire and medicine at a time when viral research was on the cutting edge of scientific inquiry.

Three articles in various stages at present – No updates until I see one in print!


Laboratories are excellent sites in which to understand the production of certainty. Bruno Latour, Pandora’s Hope.

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