Doctoral Student, History, University of California, Irvine

Field of Interest: History of Science and Medicine, modern and early modern Europe. I also have a strong interest in World History and the transfer of knowledge across cultures.

Current research project: The entry of New World herbal medicine into early modern Germany.

What does a third-year doctoral student do? I’m not sure, but I’m about to find out. At this point I have two years of coursework behind me and ahead lie comp exams and a dissertation.  I have had an exciting two years with courses in modern and early modern Europe, World History, cartography, modern China, and history of the ancient Near East and the Islamic World. Last spring I passed my two required language tests in French and German. As  a research assistant, I investigated the work of a young German Jesuit missionary in the Philippines who sent exciting medical and botanical findings back to Europe in the late seventeenth century. New possibilities for dissertation research emerged as I explored the development of early botanical knowledge through my research and structured directed readings with interested and very involved professors. While in Austria this summer, I picked up a book called Heilpflanzen and in it found several medicinal herbs which came to Europe in the sixteen hundreds. Voila! A new interest was born.

Newest publications:

  • “The Physicians of Jundishapur,” Sasanika: The History and Culture of Sasanians, UC Irvine School of Humanities, Aug. 16, 2010 (online journal): http://www.sasanika.com. Take a look!
  • “The Kitab al-Asrar : An Alchemy Manual in Tenth-Century Persia,” Arab Studies Quarterly 32 (Winter 2010): 6-27.

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