Speaking from the podium


The letter came on March 14. I have been awarded a Fulbright Fellowship for a year in Germany! This will enable me to conduct research in depth based at the Herzog August Bibliothek in  Wolfenbüttel, located in Lower Saxony. My area of interest is the acceptance of New World medicinal plants in the Reformation Period.

I will be well-prepared, thanks to another grant. In February, I was invited by the German Historical Institute to join a two-week 2011 GHI Archival Summer Seminar in Germany. Ten doctoral students from all around the U.S. will learn to read old German script and learn how to navigate different kinds of archives and libraries in four cities in preparation for carrying out our own research. After the seminar, my husband will join me in Frankfurt and we will do a little European exploration on our own.

And this week even more excitement! On Monday, March 21, 2011, the Wall Street Journal featured a story on my decision to pursue a post-retirement doctorate, just in time to include the Fulbright announcement.



So much to look forward to, but now for the task at hand—to study for my oral exams scheduled for May 24, 2011.

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