March 7, 2018

Just back from a trip to Spain with my son John. We had a wonderful time and certainly the Alcazar, the Alhambra, and the works of Gaudi were among the highlights. The night before we went to Güell Park in Barcelona we found out that there is now a charge and a limit to how many visitors are allowed in at a time. It is a very popular spot and I can see how crowds of visitors can damage the colorful mosaics made of fragments of ceramic tile. I began to think about the places I was fortunate to visit as a child and how they were very open to wander around in. That was in the fifties, at least 25 years before UNESCO designated them as World Heritage Sites.

Thinking about it today, I am glad there is an effort to protect unique sites of cultural and/or natural distinction throughout the world. I read through the UNESCO web site and got a better idea of how the system works, and I think it’s important. Here I was, sharing this wonderful park with my son, and I looking forward to going again, perhaps with my grandchildren, because it will still be there.

2018-03-3 Barcelona (69)

Güell Park, 2018

One thought on “The View from Here . . .

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