November 7, 2019

You might think we don’t have an autumn here in southern California, but you would be wrong. For one thing, I like to create an autumn mood on the bookshelves with some of my favorite books and selections from my Classic Comic Books collection. It’s reading season, everybody!

While out in the garden the early November changes are more subtle. The pomegranates ripened and were harvested in September and then the grape leaves began to turn brown. The leaves on the fruit trees are barely beginning to turn, but we’ll check in next month when I think they’ll be dropping leaves fast. The main job now is to keep the plants in containers from drying out from the dry fall winds we’ve been having.

The leaves on the grapevine are already turning brown.

August 13, 2019

Summer shines in full brilliance this month and I have to make sure the potted flowers in the butterfly garden don’t dry out. Ozzie lurks under the patio table watching the rabbits and squirrels nibble on seeds under the bird feeder. He use to charge out barking joyfully whenever he saw our furry visitors, but he has learned to be stealthy since we clipped a small escape hole for them in the wire mesh fence.

The rabbits and squirrels don’t seem to mind sharing the seed tray.

I spent a few days in Provence in July with my family and we loved seeing the fields of lavender and sunflowers. Now at home my lavender takes me back. It buzzes with honeybees and provides a lizard-hunting ground for a certain small terrier. What a world a garden can be!

March 30, 2019

2019 Nowruz table

Spring at last! I celebrated with a Haft Seen table for Nowruz which I put together on March 20 and just took down today. Not that my parents put one up during our “Teheran years,” but our neighbors did and I always loved to see them. Every one was different, displaying the various symbolic elements of apples, eggs, fish, flowers, garlic, vinegar,  candles, a mirror, and so on in different ways, depending on individual choices such as the size of the table, the style of the mirror and dishes, the placement of the flowers and candles. If you search Google Images for Nowruz table you are in for a treat.

Why do I do this? To celebrate spring. To recapture a part of my childhood. And to share a special part of Persian culture with my children and grandchildren. As you can see, my granddaughter is taking a picture for her Facebook page

October 18, 2018

Fall comes slowly to the southern California garden. You have to know where to look. The liquid amber tree raises a few yellow and red leaves toward the sky. I can see a hint of yellow on one of my Meyer lemons, which promises to bear dozens of yellow lemons by December.  The leaves on the Thompson grapevines are beginning to turn brown. I haven’t seen any grapes this year, but the rabbits do enjoy the leaves. Maybe we cut the vines back too severely last winter. More research required on that. Ground squirrels stuff their cheeks with sunflower seeds from the tray under the bird feeder. I have my morning coffee at the kitchen table facing the garden because I just can’t get enough of watching the wildlife!

One thought on “The View from Here . . .

  1. Dear Gail Taylor,

    I am a teacher at Sherbrooke University in Canada. I am working on an alchemical treatis of the Wellcome Library in London. Where can I find your work on Ar-Razi’s Book of secrets. I am quite sure that my anonymous is using this source. The alchemy in my “Ymage de vie” is very technical and lacking in any theoretical ou allegorical references. It is a clear and détailled vade mecum.

    Thank you for considering my request,

    Best wishes,

    Geneviève Dumas

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