October 18, 2018

Fall comes slowly to the southern California garden. You have to know where to look. The liquid amber tree raises a few yellow and red leaves toward the sky. I can see a hint of yellow on one of my Meyer lemons, which promises to bear dozens of yellow lemons by December.  The leaves on the Thompson grapevines are beginning to turn brown. I haven’t seen any grapes this year, but the rabbits do enjoy the leaves. Maybe we cut the vines back too severely last winter. More research required on that. Ground squirrels stuff their cheeks with sunflower seeds from the tray under the bird feeder. I have my morning coffee at the kitchen table facing the garden because I just can’t get enough of watching the wildlife!





One thought on “The View from Here . . .

  1. Dear Gail Taylor,

    I am a teacher at Sherbrooke University in Canada. I am working on an alchemical treatis of the Wellcome Library in London. Where can I find your work on Ar-Razi’s Book of secrets. I am quite sure that my anonymous is using this source. The alchemy in my “Ymage de vie” is very technical and lacking in any theoretical ou allegorical references. It is a clear and détailled vade mecum.

    Thank you for considering my request,

    Best wishes,

    Geneviève Dumas

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