Pandemic Journal: Day 65

A few weeks ago I described a new Coronavirus antigen test as a “game changer.” But day after day the game looked pretty much the same. Today, however, there is a new headline from the UK: “Coronavirus: ‘Exciting ‘ results of antibody tests show ‘100% accuracy’ in potential breakthrough,” Game changer or not, this new antibody test, developed by the Swiss company Roche and the first one approved for use in the UK, comes at a time of rapidly increasing antibody testing. It’s time to take a closer look at antibodies.

Pandemic Journal: Day 64

The surreal dance continues as we hear announcements of opening up, not opening up, and partially opening up. The take-home message this week is that all openings are partial. For example, Los Angeles County beaches are reopening today, but don’t bring your beach chair and ice chest. As long as you keep moving–surfing, paddleboarding, jogging, walking–you can enjoy the beach. Just yesterday, the Los Angeles County Public Health Director announced that the County’s stay-at-home orders are most likely to extend through July.