Pandemic Day 164: Long Haulers

By now you may have seen some of the accounts by people who feel ill for months after having COVID-19, often referred to as “long haulers.” This week the recognition of COVID’s long-term effects has gone mainstream, with articles in the August 21 edition of the MMWR (CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report), the August 20 Wall Street Journal, and the August 21 Johns Hopkins Newsletter. Ironically, one of the problems long haulers have is getting medical authorities to believe them.

Pandemic Day 146: On The Road Again

If you are contemplating a road trip this year, my best advice is to expect things to be different. For example, I haven’t seen any restaurant so far that offers indoor dining. They’re either closed completely or open for take out only during restricted hours. This morning we took the 180 west from Grant Grove in Kings Canyon, thinking we would stop in Fresno for breakfast. But our GPS took us past Fresno on to the 41 north without spotting a single coffee shop.