Persepolis 1958

Persepolis 1958

My world grew larger when my father left his teaching position at the University of Southern California to lead the establishment of a School of Business and Public Administration at the University of Tehran. I have always felt that those young years in Iran gave me an enthusiasm for history and new experiences and a love for a country where as a child I knew only warmth, humor, and hospitality.After we moved from Tehran to Geneva, I picked up an interest in languages and applied my efforts to French, German, and Latin. Later, in college, I wavered between linguistics and history, eventually deciding to major in biology at the University of Pittsburgh where I met my husband, Charles. I think I wanted to take everything in the catalog at one time or another, but there comes a time when choices must be made.Yet sometimes we find a chance to try the road not taken, and so in 2008 I began a doctoral program after a enjoyable career as a laboratory technologist and then as a system analyst (I fell in love with computers at first sight). Somehow this all meshed with being a wife, mother of four, and grandmother of nine. As the children graduated from college, I renewed my languages and took night classes to obtain a master of history degree at California State University, Fullerton. My husband and I traveled as much as we could, sometimes with my Dad, sometimes with a child or grandchild or two, and often just the Charles and I. In June, 2014, I completed my doctoral studies at the University of California, Irvine, at the age of 68.

Master's in History 2008

Master’s in History 2008

Ph.D. in June, 2014!

Ph.D. in June, 2014!





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